Selective preservation of micro-structures

Only the Micro Machining Process MMP® Technology can continually reproduce mirror-like finishes with unrivalled aesthetic consistency and technical precision. MMP Technology® delivers these results even on some of the most complex geometries and the hardest of alloys.

The results are both uniform and reproducible MMP® Technology is an industrial process that ensures total traceability and industrial-grade control of all the inherit parameters right up to the final finish.

Highly Effective Process

The precision profiles of high performance gears require extreme control of material removal during surface finishing. The Micro Machining Process, MMP Technology® uses a unique roughness filtration method that provides unprecedented control and precision of exceptionally targeted material removal, making it ideally suited to this market.

Technical benefits of using MMP Technology

• Reduced friction
• Superior surface retention of oil for improved lubrication
• Improved contact patch due to more accurate preservation of geometry

MMP Technology Advantages

• Extremely low material removal
• Respect of tolerances
• Homogeneity of treatment across entire surface
• Superior accessibility to critical surfaces