Plastic Injection Molds

Selective material removal enhances cutting edges

Only the Micro Machining Process MMP® Technology can continually reproduce mirror-like finishes with unrivalled aesthetic consistency and technical precision. MMP Technology® delivers these results even on some of the most complex geometries and the hardest of alloys.

The results are both uniform and reproducible MMP® Technology is an industrial process that ensures total traceability and industrial-grade control of all the inherit parameters right up to the final finish.

Highly Effective Process

The unique ability of the Micro Machining Process MMP Technology® to selectively target surface roughness in an injection mold can dramatically impact the performance of the mold and the quality of the parts being molded.

Technical benefits of using MMP Technology

• Easier part removal from mold
• Faster cycle times
• Reduced mold fouling / fewer mold maintenances

MMP Technology Advantages

• Well suited for use on complex geometries
• Reduced lead-times for mold finishing
• Scalable to large cavity count molds