Deburring, Polishing Vs MMP® Technology

Polishing and/or Deburring:

Polishing is the action of smoothing and making parts shiny by abrasion (hand or machine polishing) or work hardening (using a burnisher and vibratory grinding).

The primary polishing techniques in use today are:

– Hand polishing
– Automatic robotic polishing (e.g. BULA or MEPSA)
– Tribo finishing such as Rossler or Otec
– Pressurized abrasive paste such as Extrude Hone
– REM process: Acid attack to create oxide layers, then abrasion of these layers by medias such as those used in Tribo finishing
– Polishing by laser or electron beam such as Sodick

The goal of these polishing techniques is simply to obtain a beautiful finish or high quality surface state, which is usually
characterized by some combination of roughness, gloss, and/or brightness.

Deburring is the act of removing material, typically using a deburring file or a grinder. In small quantities this is usually accomplished using hand methods. When dealing with large batches of rather small parts, an automatic process such as barrel treatment can be used for deburring.


Invented by BESTinCLASS, the Micro Machining Process selectively treats only the actual roughness on the surface, thus allowing it to deliver super-finished surfaces with only miniscule material removal. MMP® Technology’s ability to tightly control material removal is one of its clearest differentiators from the traditional polishing technologies listed above. MMP® Technology can deliver cost effective mirror-like finishes with superior reproducibility, homogeneity, and preservation of the original form of the part.

MMP® Technology is a surface micro machining process that uses a combination of a mechanical-physical-catalyst technology developed by BESTinCLASS. The mechanical component of the treatment is supplied by a machine with very high energy movements that produce a flux. This flux is composed of particles aggregated “in situ” by the catalyst. The physical-catalyst component of the process is derived from specific aggregates whose surfaces are engineered to match the level of roughness that will be removed from the part being treated.

BESTinCLASS builds its own machines, produces its own particles, and formulates its own catalysts.

MMP® TECHNOLOGY is highly effective on parts made from a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods, including:

– Standard stainless and high speed steels
– Copper, titanium, and nickel alloys
– Carbide, Ceramics
– Precious metals